A Nation is Moving

What we do

Impact France mobilizes prayer for and facilitates giving to French ministries.

We believe God is unleashing a wave of prayer, encouragement, and financial resources into the heart of the French Church. In short, He’s gathering intercessors and investors to help take back the heart of Europe.

Through PrayforFrance.org, you can support these ministries in prayer.

Through our ministry partners, you  give to French ministries and receive a tax deduction (for U.S. tax residents).

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Impact France works through our partners.

All of our partners have gone through a thorough assessment to ensure that they are effective, efficient, and are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in France.


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Three simple reasons…

Despite being the fourth most atheistic country in the world, the number of Evangelical believers has doubled in the last 10 years and churches are being planted at a faster rate than ever before. God’s time for France is now. We believe that:

  • France has a divine calling.
  • France has great influence in the EU and around the world.
  • France has a deep reach into French-speaking countries that need the Gospel.

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Although its population is almost 70 million (2019), as of 2017, there were only 2,521 Evangelical churches in the entire country. (Source: http://www.lecnef.org/cartes-et-chiffres).

However, for the first time since the 1950s, French Protestants make up close to 3% of the population (2.70%-3.00%, depending on statistical methodology) and churches are being planted at an increasing rate (a 15.5% increase in the number of churches from 2012-2015)!

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How can you impact France?

We believe that the best way to impact France with the Gospel is to pray for and support French nationals who are working on the ground to share Christ.*

We suggest the following practical ways to do this:

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