Impact France’s Founding

We Want The French Church To Thrive!

How It All Began…

On October 8th, 1994, at Place du Salin in Toulouse, France, David Broussard gave his life to Christ and began attending the church now known as the Centre Evangélique des Pradettes. David spent the next nine months being discipled in the French Church.

Upon his return to the United States, he found that most Americans had no idea that God was saving, healing, and delivering thousands of people in France. Many French churches were alive and vibrant – passionate communities of Jesus’ followers – but unknown to Americans.

After several years of serving in a local church in Pennsylvania, David met his wife Sophie during a trip back to Toulouse. They were married in 2001 and moved to the Washington, DC, area, where David worked in resource development for several nonprofits.

They returned to France in 2004 with their church in Maryland, Journey’s Crossing, to assist a small church in Poitiers with a Thanksgiving outreach.

A Simple Conversation…

In setting up for the meal, one of the church members asked David what he did in the States. Upon hearing that he worked in development, she asked if he knew anyone who would like to support a Christian camp.

That conversation – and Americans’ general lack of knowledge of the French Church – stuck with him as he and Sophie traveled back to the southwest of France.

While praying on his brother-in-law’s terrace, God gave him the plan for Impact France – an organization that would share what God was doing in France through the French and provide ways to give to those ministries.

Impact France’s Creation

In March of 2005, God began to connect David with others who shared this vision through the cover story in Christianity Today called The French Reconnection.

The author put David into contact with the primary source for that article, André Pownall, who later became a founding board member and was instrumental in opening doors of opportunity and connections.

Impact France (or the Christian Community Foundation of France – its original name) was officially founded in June 2005 and received its exempt status in November 2006.

Since that time, the mission of Impact France has remained constant – mobilizing prayer and supporting the work of native French ministries. Being a bridge, a platform, and a connector to help Americans pray for and invest in the Kingdom in France.

The Pillars

We also want to honor those foundational board members on whose shoulders we stand: André Pownall, Jean-Marc Potenti, Mark Wilkinson, David Detert, Tom Tannery

These friends and brothers imparted their wisdom and gave their time, without whom Impact France would not exist. They invested in prayer, funds, and compassionate pastoral guidance that continues to bear fruit today. If you’ve made it this far, take a moment and pray for each of them before leaving this page!

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We’re on a mission to mobilize prayer and facilitate giving to native French Christian ministries so that lives would be transformed by Jesus in France.

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We facilitate donations to French churches and evangelical works by being a fiscal sponsor for your donors and contacts in the United States and Canada. Interested in becoming a partner?

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

David Alonso

David Alonso

David Broussard

President and CEO

Sabrina Brun-Dufoix

Sabrina Brun-Dufoix

Clement Diedrichs

Clément Diedrichs

Management Team

Greg Apkarian

Partnership Relations Coordinator

Hélène Dupré

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Ford

Communications Coordinator

Bryan Miesel

Bryan Miesel

Stewardship Engagement

Vincent Guillemoteau

Pray for France Coordinator

Vanessa Vannoy

Development Coordinator

Thanks to Impact France’s support, we were able to respond to American calls for projects for France in a professional manner! Impact France has encouraged us in difficult times, and is a lasting strategic support! A bridge between American philanthropy and missionary projects in France, which the country so desperately needs.

Thanks to Impact France, we’ve been able to create the Parcours Alpha distribution platform for volunteers, and we’re measuring our impact in 850 churches. In addition to funding, prayer is at the heart of your commitment through the Pray For France initiative.

Thank you for your support!

Our Faith

We adhere to the World Evangelical Alliance’s statement of faith and have adopted the IHRA’s working definition of anti-Semitism.


Impact France is a Guidestar Platinum member with full financial and operational transparency and is a member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Will You Stand With The French?

The light that shines where it is the darkest shines the brightest. Let’s unite and allow Jesus to shine HIS light through French believers. Learn how you can join us to share Jesus’ light in France.