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The following is a description of a ministry project of Impact France in collaboration with ACSI France .

ACSI France

ACSI France is the French office of the Association of Christian Schools International based at Saint-Louis, Alsace, France (near Basel, on the Swiss border) since 2007.

Our mission is “to enable Christian educators and schools in France, Francophone Switzerland and Belgium to effectively prepare students for life.” Our office is also invested in enabling Christian schools in French-speaking Africa regions and Madagascar through ACSI offices and a number of national networks of Christian schools. Over the last 15 years, Daniel Neuhaus, Anne-Marie Marie and Jean-Christophe Huet have made over 100 trips to Africa, visiting national offices of school networks, training at teacher seminars, speaking at leader conferences and at regional and national conferences on Christian education, and doing school visits. Africa is doing much better in terms of Christian schooling than European Francophone countries: large number of schools, full classes, church involvement in school development and supervision.

As we keep in touch with our African ACSI colleagues and offices, we now concentrate on our struggling schools in Europe. Our schools are not quite independent: they must follow the national curriculum (but try to filter the secular textbooks); get inspected by inspectors from the Ministry of Education annually; do not receive any official funding (except Belgian schools); compete with well-established and numerous Catholic schools (with State funding); and operate with low budgets and limited staffing. Nevertheless, these school do a tremendous job and have a good reputation and good academic standard (100% success at national exams!). Every year several families are willing to move from another region to a Christian school for the sake of Christian schooling for their children. Last year (Summer 2021) the French Government banned home schooling, except some specific situations. In Paris a principal spends 3 hours daily in public transportation. Several school principals have not even a minimal salary. During the Covid pandemic, two principals stayed at their school 24h/day for weeks, in order to be more efficient to offer distance learning to their students.

We would be happy and blessed by your interest in our ministry, for your prayers and for any support you can bring in order to strengthen and develop our services for Christian schooling in France and the Francophone regions.

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May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, your family, homes and relatives, according to His grace!

Respectfully and for God’s glory,
Daniel Neuhaus, Director

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