Agapé Mosaïque

Agape Mosaique can be summed up in a few words : sharing the Gospel with respect to Muslims, encouraging believers and training disciples!

Our association aims to announce the Gospel to Muslims and to form disciples in the Francophone world. Our mission is to work alongside churches and leaders who are aware of the crucial role they can play in the spreading of the Gospel. We offer them training and tools adapted to Muslim sensibility.

Each year, Agapé Mosaïque organises training courses for evangelisation so that through public evangelisation projects, children’s activities, giant barbecues, sporting events, etc., disciples can learn to effectively instil the Gospel’s message in the hearts of others.

Since 2010, Agapé Mosaïque has held in the heart of Paris, a center for fellowship and community events in an oriental atmosphere known as the Casbah. It is a place for networking, training and also multi-cultural worship & prayer.

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