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One Heart at a Time

Where were you when Notre Dame began to burn? When that iconic spire crumbled? When you saw the photo of the glowing cross amidst the charred ruins?

The Notre Dame Cathedral symbolizes Paris, the French as a people, and the history of Christianity across the nation. Within a single day of the fire, more than a hundred million dollars poured in for the rebuilding effort … for stone and mortar, restoration experts and workers.

How much more important is it to build God’s Church right now? To share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible? To give for the sake of the Gospel message?

This is your opportunity

Out of a nation with 67 million people, only 650,000 men, women, and children regularly practice the Evangelical Christian faith. Just over 2,500 Evangelical churches serve the entire country… There are more Evangelical churches in North Carolina than in all of France!

That’s why Impact France exists. And that’s why we need YOU.

Impact France connects Christians in the U.S. with our French brothers and sisters, building a faithful network of friends who pray for and financially support evangelical ministries. All of our partners have gone through a thorough assessment to ensure that they are effective, efficient, and directly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in France.

Together, we can seize all God-given opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, build strong disciples, and plant vibrant churches across the nation.

Do you have a heart for the French people? Will you join us to help build the church in France? Will you give today?

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Church Planting

In a very small and isolated church plant in a rural area in the center of France, the pastoral couple was extremely encouraged after the wife went to a church planting learning community. This training would not have happened if it weren’t for Impact France’s help, over many years, that allowed us to produce and offer a high-quality training that is also very motivating and propagates church planting. The husband is now participating in the community too, and they don’t feel as alone.

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Gospel to Muslims

Thanks to Impact France, during a debate with Islamic fundamentalists the Gospel was preached for 10 minutes. The caliber of the audience was the highest quality, and many Muslims today are writing me to tell me how much impact the debate had on their lives. Thanks to Impact France, thousands of Muslims are benefiting from the different outreach activities we provide, making a difference in the lives of people.


Set Free

Gilles is a man who was in prison. He says that thanks to the Alpha Course he followed in prison—a Bible study translated into French and distributed in partnership with Impact France—his life has changed. He has experienced Gods love, and his relationship with Jesus has transformed his consideration towards people: “I wanted to hate everybody before, and now, you are all my brothers and sisters.”

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My gift to transform France for Christ

Notre Dame fire