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France is a spiritual desert.

About ten years ago, as a pastor and together with other Christians of our church, we formed the project to create a school not only for the children of our churches, but also for all the children of the city. It’s been six years since the school opened and it has been a real success beyond our expectations. It is in full expansion and development. In six years, it has gone from 22 students and 3 employees to 80 students and 14 employees. The school has recently reinforced its action by opening a middle school.

We had the deep conviction from the beginning to resolutely choose to make the time of proclamation of the Gospel optional. This strategy has been successful because with 10% of the children from evangelical backgrounds in the school, we have more than 50% of the students attending the Gospel sharing, with the consent of both parents. Among them are children from Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and atheist backgrounds. It is extraordinary to be able to place the Gospel in new hearts. During this time, the other students have citizen or philosophical debates, but they benefit from the Christian and family atmosphere of the establishment.

According to the parents, who are almost unanimous on the subject, but also to the professionals working with the children, the results obtained are extremely positive. An occupational therapist said to a Mum: “Madam, I don’t recognize him anymore, it’s the same body but it’s not the same child anymore…”

Some families make a huge financial sacrifice because they have no other recourse than this establishment to educate their children with dysfunctions.

That’s the reason why we need your help !

We also welcome students who are victims of school insecurity. The majority of the 80 students do not have any particular profile, but there are some high potential students among them as well. The atmosphere created by all these teaching professionals is very family-like.

For more information, please visit www.ecolelenvol.fr

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