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March 2024

Evangelical Voices This March, the Conseil National des Évangéliques de France (CNEF) launched an initiative to animate a network of intercessors with a small group of people committed to prayer in each church and each work. If you speak French and would like to get involved, join the “Ensemble en mission” intercessors list, and commit…

February 2024

Evangelical Voices After launching the “Stop abus” (Stop abuse) service over a year and a half ago, with the aim of combating situations of sexual violence committed by leaders in France’s evangelical Protestant communities, in February, the CNEF launched a booklet of Good Practices to combat sexual abuse and a Charter of Commitment to combat…

January 2024

Evangelical Voices Excerpt from the President of the CNEF’s message in their January newsletter: “We ended 2023 with a bang, solemnly affirming a renewed vision for the CNEF at our Plenary Assembly on December 6, with redefined missions and a set of core values for the decade ahead! The day culminated in the adoption of…

May 2024

Evangelical Voices This May, the Conseil National des Évangéliques de France (CNEF) highlights the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, to be held in September 2024 in Incheon, South Korea with the theme: “Let the Church Declare and Display Christ Together”. For more information: https://congress.lausanne.org/ On May 8th, the Olympic Flame arrived to the port…

Resources For English Speaking Visitors


Explore a national directory of Evangelical Protestant churches and parachurch ministries in France (in French)

Christian Tours

Interested in a Guided Tour? Here are some companies that offer tours in France from a Christian perspective!

Prayer for Paris

Find prayer inspiration and walks.

Online Services In English

Select a church below to learn more about each one!

MLK International Ministry is an International Church in Paris open to worshipers of all ages and backgrounds. We have partnered with the Eglise Martin Luther King (MLK) French International Church to offer services completely in English.  Our desire for the International Ministry is to lead people to:

  • A deeper connection with God
  • An intimate worship of God
  • A community of belonging
  • An understanding of the Bible
  • A more vibrant faith.
  • Online services: Watch here
  • Beliefs: Christian, Evangelical
  • Affiliations: Fédération Protestante de France, Fondation du Protestantisme, le CNEF, Assemblées de Dieu en France.

La Cité has welcomed and equipped hundreds of people from around the world. Many come to faith for the first time, are baptized, discipled, find purpose and meaning in their lives and experience healing or restoration.

We value authenticity, family values, apostolic vision, humility, and love.

  • Online services: Watch Live
  • Beliefs: Christian, Evangelical
  • Affiliations: New Covenant Ministries International

Emmanuel International Church is committed to providing English language ministry to glorify God in the culturally rich and global region of Paris.

EIC has 3 a family of 3 churches based in Paris and united by:

  • the diversity of people who attend (different national, cultural, economic and linguistic backgrounds) 
  • a common “international” culture rooted in gospel belief, 
  • offering worship in the English language and 
  • proud to be a Paris region church, working alongside other French churches and missions to seek the peace of the city where God has placed us.

An English-speaking International Church serving the greater Paris area

  • Discover a deeper relationship with God through a variety of learning, experiential, and service-oriented forums in a cross-cultural context (John 1:45-46) with the Bible at the center.
  • Experience the power and presence of God by fostering venues for the Holy Spirit to make Jesus Christ manifest, and by becoming engaged in God’s work in the world (John 4:19-24).
  • Relate to a community, committed to the idea that God intends for us to live in a peaceful community with others, reconciled to one another by the cross of Jesus (2 Cor. 5:18-20; Eph. 2:14-16).  
  • Grow: The Biblical pattern for God’s kingdom is growth of all kinds (Mark 4:30-32). We advocate the active pursuit of growth– both personally and corporately.
  • Online services: Watch Live
  • Beliefs: Christian, Evangelical
  • Affiliations: Independent

Trinity Paris is where people from every nation, all tribes, peoples, and tongues find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him altogether for the good of the world and the glory of God.  We are committed to Unity in Christ, Life in Community, Cultivating Growth, and Mobilizing Faith.

Online Services In French

Select a church below to learn more about each one!

This Church is for those who don’t like church but don’t have a problem with God.

Our community is encouraged to invite outsiders to enjoy an exciting experience, discover the relevance of Gospel teachings by being invited to apply them, and understand who Jesus is and want to follow him. We have a strong emphasis on small groups, where community must be experienced intensely and authentically.

  • Online services: Watch on YouTube
  • Beliefs: Christian, Evangelical
  • Affiliations: Églises Perspectives, CNEF, North Point Community Church

This Church is anchored in the French protestant history.

Historically created during the French Reformation movement in the 16th century and immersed in the Baptist denomination.

  • Online services: Listen to Messages
  • Beliefs: Christian, Evangelical, Baptist, Protestant
  • Affiliations: AEEBLF – Association Évangélique d’Églises Baptistes de Langue Française, CNEF.

A joyful, inter-generational and united community, wishing to know God and grow as disciples. The church wishes to continue its influence in the city, to make itself more visible and to welcome more people in search of meaning in their life and for Christian fraternity. 

The church, which seeks to be ever healthier and more missional, relies on the biblical training of its members and leaders as well as charitable commitments in favor of the most disadvantaged or neglected (assistance to the homeless, chaplaincy of hospitals and prisons, visit elderly, solidarity Christmas, food bank). 

“We want to link our words to the acts that show the link between the Gospel and the love of Christ for each one, so that our Father may be glorified.”

Pray for France

Join us for our annual prayer campaign and get updated on France’s prayer needs throughout the year!

Other Prayer initiatives in French

Go Plus France – During the Olympics 2024

France Prière

24/7 prayer for France and online intercession and worship events.

France en Feu

Prayer Events to Intercede for France

Objectif France

One of the original prayer sentinels of France and inspired the Pray for France initiative.

Paris Tout Est Possible

Prayer initiatives for Paris and France throughout the year

Will You Stand With The French?

The light that shines where it is the darkest shines the brightest. Let’s unite and allow Jesus to shine HIS light through French believers. Learn how you can join us to share Jesus’ light in France.