Fred and Pat Garel

Patricia and Fred Garel live in a town 60 km from Paris with their children Lenny and Maya. They have been there for 5 years and have gotten to know and love the residents in the area. Because only 1% of the population in France is Christian, they have chosen to meet and get to know those who don’t go to church in order to work toward the vision of 1 church for every 10,000 residents. They have started a house church thinking that a church without a building could be a good solution for reaching their fellow citizens who’ve chosen to live outside of the city. They are beginning this church in faith that the Lord will grow it as He desires. Their hope is also to inspire and accompany other similar projects so that many little churches will take root. Some ways in which they are active in the community is through a kids’ sports club they started and through volunteering in the local schools. Fred is a sports coach and beekeeper. Patricia is a French teacher for the deaf and has a heart to make the Word of God accessible for those who can’t hear through sign language. She also loves to serve the church with her gift for singing. Fred is part of France VIE.

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