T & B – Hmong Missionaries

B was born in France to a farming family but grew up in a Hmong village in the middle of the Amazon jungle of French Guiana. After high school, she moved to France to continue her studies.

T was born in Laos but fled to Thailand in 1975 and lived in a refugee camp until the age of 13. He arrived in France in 1988.

It was during a short-term missions trip to a remote Hmong village in Laos that the Lord stirred in their hearts a love for these people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Hmong people are an Asian ethnic group who hold tightly to the religion of Animism and live mainly in South-east Asia. Centuries of social unrest, epidemics, and war forced them to flee to Indochina and subsequently to Thailand. From there, many left for various Western countries. In Asia, the Hmong population is estimated at 7 million people – the unreached of which only about 0.02% are Christian.

In preparation to fully step into God’s call on their lives, B and T successfully completed LLB (Scripture Union) and AEE (Child Evangelism Fellowship) Bible training. Their deepest desire is to use this biblical training to make local disciples of Jesus Christ who will in turn impact their communities.

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