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Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle de Barr

The following is a description of a ministry project of Impact France in collaboration with CAEF.

Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle de Barr

In 1972 a group of people took a step of faith to plant a church in the region of Piedmont des Vosges. Now, for more than 45 years, Eglise La Bonne Nouvelle de Barr has been based in Barr in Alsace. The church is member of the CAEF (French Brethren) and CNEF.

Today, we are 80 worshippers. Our church has a strong emphasis on work with children. We have a scout group, called Flambeaux, which arouses a lot of interest (more than 35 children, half of whom come from families “outside” the church).

Currently our property is aging and does not correspond to current standards and is not welcoming to outsiders.

Our vision is to develop the commitment and the witness of our local church in Barr and more widely in its region of Piedmont des Vosges. We believe that this commitment involves renewed community life and church growth, and then potentially a spin-off project.

But our property has reached its capacity limit (80 places). So we have a long-term project: expansion of the worship area in Barr and church-planting as soon as the 120 places are reached.

God gave us an opportunity: the sale of the neighboring building that we have now bought.

This property adjoining the church is an answer to our various problems:
– The addition of 80 m² of floor space of an old shed/barn
– Possibility of interior fittings/improvements: toilet for persons with disabilities, small room for children’s activities, a kitchen for church or evangelization meals.
– A small yard (76m2) is added which will be a supplement of conviviality for our church and will provide a pleasant and safe recreational area for children, who today find themselves after the service directly onto one of the central streets of Barr. There will also be parking for bikes.

Total cost: 450 000 €.

The members of our church have already made a great financial effort by giving 200 000€.

Sister churches and other sponsors have pledged a 100 000 € more. So we are looking for
150 000 €.

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