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Master’s Commission Auch

Master’s Commission Auch

Master’s Commission is a one year discipleship program for young adults between the age of 18 and 30 years old. Young people who have chosen to enter the Master’s Commission are choosing to dedicate one year of their lives in full-time service and discipleship.

Master’s Commission serves the church, the families and the city of Auch and is definitely a life changing experience.

At the end of each year of study, Master’s Commission Auch organizes a summer Tour during which students practice their new skills to serve Christian associations and churches across France and Europe. The aim of the annual Tour is:
– Serve in projects for young people and their city
– Encourage faith and concrete commitment in all spheres of society in the vision of the Kingdom of God
– Sensitize young people to discipleship and to living an intentional life with God
– Evangelize through actions carried out in the field in collaboration with churches

For the 10th year, Master’s Commission Auch has added a component on professional mentoring and support for entrepreneurship from a Christian perspective to its training curriculum.

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