A Nation is Moving

Motivé par l’Essentiel

Imagine the impact on a local community if the members of a local church are committed to live out the purposes of God in their lives.

Imagine what could happen if every small group of the church would touch the community with love and with practical projects.

Imagine now if all the groups of all the churches in France would do it! Millions of people would be touched! Millions of people would enter in a living relationship with Christ!

The Purpose Driven (Motivé par l’essentiel) process is a healthy model that helps a church to be in good health et to live out the purposes of God in a balanced way. This process will enable the leaders to have a unique and biblical approach that will help them to transform et maintain a growing church in a balanced way as well as in numbers as in spiritual depth.

The five purposes of a healthy church are based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, which imply worship, fellowship, maturity, ministry and evangelism the same way as Jesus lived it out.

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