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Eglise Perspectives in Amiens

The following is a description of a ministry project of Impact France in collaboration with Edifices Perspectives .

Eglise Perspectives in Amiens

For over 30 years now, Eglise Perspectives Amiens has been shining forth in this northern region of France.

Shining simply for Jesus Christ, here in this place, is what we are all about! Our church draws both young and older people and families. We burn for the Gospel, to listen to God and his Word. We are ready to welcome others and build the authentic and meaningful relationships that Christ calls to.

We want to be a way to God, so that the people of Amiens can meet Jesus Christ and that His name will be known and recognised here in Picardy, a region where the evangelical protestant presence is one of the sparsest in France.

Last year, after months of prayer, the church made the unanimous decision to sell our 1st floor meeting rooms as they had become too small, restricting growth. Within 3 months, the building had been sold! At the same time, we have been actively looking for a new site. After visiting 15 potential spots, God has led us to a building in Rivery town, just outside Amiens, which corresponds to our vision and the way we want to reach out in the city and in our region…!

Right in the middle of a residential area and on a road with a lot of traffic and footfall, it would allow us to proclaim the Gospel to the youth, to contribute to training believers for God’s work, to welcome those who are searching for answers, who are doubting or suffering, to assist the needy, and to worship our God, whilst doubling the surface area and making it accessible.

Eglise Perspectives Amiens has been working on this project for many years, and is now in a position to contribute to the purchase of the site in its current state, but we need your support and your prayers so that our project can be fully brought to term!

In today’s society where things must be good-looking and functional, we need to renovate the building so that it will be as attractive as it is accessible! Our own finances take us up to 60% of the projected cost, or up to 80% if we are able to contact an 180 000€ loan.

In this area where churches are amongst the fewest in France, “your help will be our strength”!

For more information, here you is a presentation of the project:

Gratefully !

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