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Radio Réveil France

The following is a description of a ministry project of Impact France in collaboration with Radio Réveil .

Radio Réveil France

Radio Réveil is a non-profit association active in the media since 1949 and composed of two independent entities, one in Switzerland and the other in France.

Radio Réveil France aims at proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the media, encouraging the creation and broadcasting of radio programs that meet the holistic needs of the population, transferring knowledge, training, and encouragement, providing technical assistance, transporting, and repairing technical equipment, and networking Christian media in French-speaking Africa.

Radio Réveil has been present In Africa since 1960. Based on our Christian principles, our ministry in Africa has been the empowerment of local radios to promote a message of peace and tolerance in the area. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the 2020s, there has been an increase in terrorist activities, coups, and other situations of war. The number of people affected or displaced is raising out of proportions, the church is particularly targeted, and many Christians have been killed or displaced.

This is why we have been consistent in training African local medias and supporting the integration of a network now gathering about one hundred media under the banner of the Forum of Christian Media in Francophone Africa (FOMECAF) who all signed the “Lomé Declaration“. FOMECAF is now made up of about one hundred organizations in fifteen Francophone countries of West and Central Africa and 300 people, promoters, directors, journalists, sound technicians, multimedia technicians, hardware technicians. The radio and television stations of the FOMECAF network can be heard and seen, as they continue to broadcast despite everything, even in occupied or affected areas. They are often the last link with these populations and a particularly effective means of proposing the values of the Kingdom of God, especially peace and coexistence.

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