Year End Giving

We need YOU to be part of God's work in France

Impact France began in 2005 with a vision to serve as a maillon—a link— to unite French and American believers.

Our desire is to see every French Evangelical church and ministry equipped
to reach their communities with the Gospel. We believe God is calling Americans
to play a unique role in God’s plan to support the French Church.

Impact France enables Americans to answer that call, join with what God is doing in France,
and invest directly into the French nationals that are boldly sharing the Gospel.

Impact France sows into the Kingdom of God in France and helps the French Church thrive.


So…how do we do this? 

Has it been effective?


Since 2005, Impact France has seen

Since the Pray for France campaign began in 2008, we have seen the number of believers
in France increase by over 45% and the number of churches increase from 1,980 to
over 2,500 today!

When you give to Impact France, your gift goes directly to support the French Church.


To give, click the link below and help us further God’s work in France!